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Are you ready for the Digital Dividend? Unfortunately a lot of people haven’t even heard about the digital dividend and the frequency re-stack, and certainly are not prepared for the outcomes that could be produced.

What is the Digital Dividend?

The Digital Dividend is a term that has been given to the free channels that have been cleared since the switch over to Digital Television and decommissioning of the analogue broadcasts.

What has happened?

The government has re-shuffled and re-allocated the free spectrum, and has auctioned the free space to the telecommunications industry. This has forced the TV stations to change the frequencies they broadcast on and we have all had to retune our TV’s. This was called the “re-stack”.

How Does this affect You?

1. Your equipment could now be illegal to operate.

The impact of the re-stack is that your wireless audio equipment, like microphones and PA systems were permitted to broadcast within the same spectrum of all the TV stations – prior to the re-allocation. Now that the top end of the spectrum has been privatised it is illegal to broadcast in this range. Your wireless equipment that was once legal, could now be illegal to operate.

2. You might accidentally broadcast a TV signal through your wireless audio system.

Now that the permitted broadcast spectrum is condensed and congested with TV stations, you may find it very difficult to find a clear frequency to use for your wireless audio, and in some circumstances you may find you will accidentally broadcast a TV channel through your audio system – not great!

What can you do?

Chat with us. We offer a free onsite assessment of your wireless audio system and can assist you with getting and staying legal, and ensuring your system is not interrupted by a TV signal.

Call Jacek on 1300 134 841 for a friendly chat about your in house audio.