It’s all about achieving amazing results

You know that nervous feeling of never knowing whether your supplier is going to show up and not knowing what you will get because all you were given was a quote with jargon and numbers?

Well what we do is partner with our clients and maintain a high level of communication to ensure they are always in the loop and that there are no unpleasant surprises. This is how we help our clients achieve their objectives and take the pressure off the process.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the Events Industry with exceptional technology backed by our reliable team of experts to help create extraordinary event experiences.

Our ethos is to partner with our clients to bring their concepts to life. We do this by providing an end to end service that is simple, reliable and consistent.

We believe that by taking care of our client’s A/V solutions, we give them the peace of mind to focus on what’s important- growing their business.

To us, an event is so much more than using the right equipment. It is about understanding the end user’s needs, creating customised solutions and delivering spectacular results that make our clients look like superstars.

Create valuable partnerships

Deliver peace of mind

Create customised AV solutions

Make our clients look like superstars

Our Core Values


Doing what we say and saying what we do.


Ensure we work responsibly and hold ourselves accountable to the greater goal.

Positive Attitude

Having a ‘Can Do’ approach.

Customer Focus

Ensure we listen & deliver the WOW through our service.

Team Work

Collaborate & treat one and other with due respect.


To be a rock for our clients, reliable and always available.

At the Helm

Victor and Jacek, owner-directors of Event Equipment, lead from the front line with their hands on approach to the business and clients.

They have dedicated their careers to AV and have reputations for excellence within the industry.

Over the years they have developed a strong network of quality local and international suppliers that support the business on a functional level.

The focus on the future is to grow Event Equipment based on a reputation of creating extraordinary experiences for our clients.

Victor Ip

Vic has enjoyed 18 years in AV the industry and has managed a multitude of major events both locally and internationally. With an operational background Vic’s passion for customer service and all things AV quickly became apparent and he gained a solid group of clients that preferred his service. This compelled Vic’s desire to become a business owner and to directly work with clients of his own. A decade later a special opportunity arose where Vic was able to realise his dream, and became the joint owner of Event Equipment.

Hire audio visual equipment in Melbourne and Sydney.

Jacek Zoltkowski

Jacek is a passionate and detailed businessman that has had a long and successful career in the Audio-Visual industry of over 15 years. Jacek’s on the ground skills and great eye for detail has gained him a strong reputation in the events industry as the go to guy for challenging projects. Like Victor, Jacek has an entrepreneurial flame burning within and had a strong desire to own a business of his own to grow into a flagship enterprise in the events industry. Being great friends both Jacek and Victor are driven by their passion for the industry and success.