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For a truly impressive event or presentation it is vital to have the correct lighting.

It not only sets the mood, but it can also set your event apart from the rest. Event Equipment takes pride in creating spectacular lighting design and execution. From small stage to major room lighting indoor and outdoor, Event Equipment has all your lighting requirements covered.

Intelligent Lighting Systems

Incorporate our intelligent lighting range to add atmosphere and professional production to your upcoming event. We have a large range of intelligent lighting equipment that will be sure to impress.

Lighting Control Desks

Bring your production to life and take control of your lighting with our wide array of lighting control desks. Add atmosphere with our DMX controlled intelligent lighting systems. From the Grand MA to the ETC Smart Fader you have all the control that you need.

Smoke & Fog Visual effects

Grab our huge Glaciator X-Stream and add a heavy blanket of fog to your space, or use a small Hazer to add a fine haze to enhance your lighting and add atmosphere to your event. Talk with us about the most suitable smoke and fog equipment for your events.

Theatrical Stage Lighting

We have everything you need in one spot for events of any scale. Our huge inventory of theatrical lighting equipment includes LED PAR, Stage Wash, Fresnel, Profiles, Spots, Strobes, and more.

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