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How’s this for a statistic…

According to a recent report, Event coordinators ranked as the fifth most stressful job. Event coordinators, specifically professionals in the conferences industry are among the new and trending industries in the newly published list alongside enlisted military soldiers, firefighters, airline pilots, military generals and police officers. You seem to be in elite company!

The aspects of the role that were considered for the report were:




While event planners may not be putting out literal fires they are certainly dealing with their fair share of “disasters”.

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

Murphy’s Law

People in the conference industry are fully aware of this law and know that no event, client, or day is ever going to be the same. No matter how much you prepare there is always the possibility that something will go wrong that is outside of the planner’s control. This is usually because there are so many suppliers who play integral roles in the conference. This means that you could be prepared to the hilt but all you need is a screen failure or the wrong cable for things to look horribly wrong.

Taking The Brunt

Unfortunately, event coordinators often take the brunt of a client’s frustration over unexpected and uncontrollable mishaps. He or she is still responsible for handling an upset client and must do everything within their power to make the event a success in the client’s eyes, hence, the stress.

Conference Audio Equipment Hire Company Melbourne Sydney

Feeling & Healing Your Pain

As an agency that specialises in delivering audio visual solutions in the conference space, we see our job as the guys who make the Event Manager look good.

We feel your pain, and heal your woes by:

Partnering with you to understand your client’s needs and ensuring that their expectations are not just met –  they are exceeded.
Providing you with the right advice that helps enhance the client’s experience.
Find solutions to any problems that arise concerning services or programmes provided.
Provide you with state of the art equipment that looks good, is reliable and ensures a seamless event is delivered that is in line with your budget.
Provide you with a single point of contact through our dedicated Conference Specialists who along with our highly skilled crews and our proven systems and processes, ensures a smooth and successfully run event.