LED Lighting Hire

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Choose from a diverse array of professional LED lighting options that promise to bring vibrant and dynamic energy to your venue. Our inventory is readily available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, offering you the perfect lighting solution for any occasion.

Selecting the right lighting is crucial for creating the desired ambiance. Our extensive range of LED lighting fixtures allows you to tailor the lighting setup to suit the unique requirements of your event, whether it’s a corporate gathering, or large show, or anything in between.

With our presence in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, we provide a convenient and accessible solution for all your LED lighting hire needs. Transform your event space with cutting-edge LED technology that guarantees to leave a lasting impression.

Not sure where to start? Our team of lighting experts is here to assist you. Benefit from professional consultations to help you choose the ideal LED lighting arrangement that aligns seamlessly with your event’s theme and objectives.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the quality and efficiency of our LED lighting fixtures. Experience the reliability of our equipment, coupled with energy-efficient technology that not only enhances your event but also aligns with sustainable practices.

Ensure seamless execution of your event with our hassle-free show service. Our dedicated technical support team ensures that your LED lighting fixtures are installed with precision, allowing you to focus on the success of your event.

  • Hire Battery Powered LED Quad Uplight Wash Fixtures

  • Hire DTS Delta R G2 IP Rated Lighting

  • Hire Flat Par LED 12×8 Lighting Fixtures

  • Hire IP65 rated iLED Source 36 Tri Colour Mulitpar Lights

  • Hire LED MiniPar 16 RGB Lights

  • Hire LED Quad Bar Lighting

  • Hire Multipar LED RGBW Quadcolour 72w Lights

  • Par64 LED Stubbie Black

  • Par64 LED Stubbie Chrome