Intelligent Lighting Hire

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Unleash the power of innovation at your next event with our intelligent lighting equipment hire services, available across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Elevate your production with cutting-edge spots, immersive washes, and dynamic moving heads that redefine the art of lighting design.

Bring your event to life with our dynamic moving heads. These intelligent fixtures add a dynamic element, sweeping light across the space to create an engaging and ever-changing visual experience. Perfect for concerts, events, and theatrical productions.

Illuminate focal points with our intelligent spots, offering precise control over where the light falls. Whether highlighting a speaker at a conference or creating a spotlight moment at an event, our spots deliver unmatched precision.

Set the mood and transform your venue with our wash lights. These immersive fixtures blanket large areas in a spectrum of colors, creating a captivating and visually stunning ambiance for concerts, exhibitions, and more.