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Our Melbourne warehouse is a treasure trove of cutting-edge sound, lighting, and vision equipment, ready to transform your event into an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re hosting a corporate presentation, a live conference, or an awards night, our extensive inventory ensures that your audio needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Situated in Melbourne, our warehouse is not just a collection of equipment; it’s the epicenter of our commitment to delivering quality audio-visual experiences. Our seasoned team’s intimate familiarity with Melbourne’s event and entertainment venues ensures a seamless integration of our equipment into spaces such as the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Marvel Stadium, and the Royal Exhibition Building.

Melbourne Office

49 Indian Way,
Keysborough, Victoria.
Australia 3173

Phone: 1300 134 841

Audio That Resonates

From small PA systems for intimate corporate gatherings to massive concert setups catering to audiences of up to 15,000, we have your audio requirements covered and broader Melbourne Audio Visual Hire. Our digital audio consoles provide professional control for events of all sizes, ensuring crystal-clear sound. Explore our exhibition audio kits for discreet and space-saving solutions, along with wireless microphone kits that adhere to the latest regulations, guaranteeing reliability when it matters most. 

Visual Brilliance

No event is complete without stunning visuals, and our range of projectors, Massive LED Wall installations, touchscreen monitors, LED TV screens, and projection screens ensures that your content is displayed with clarity and impact. 

Lighting That Captivates

Set the mood and elevate your event with our impressive lighting solutions. Our intelligent lighting systems add a professional touch, while smoke and fog visual effects create an atmospheric ambiance. Dive into our theatrical stage lighting options, including LED PAR, intelligent moving lights, Stage Wash, Fresnel, Profiles, Spots, and Strobes, to illuminate your event with theatrical flair.

Stagecraft Mastery

When it’s time to take the stage, our professional staging and draping ensure you have the complete attention of your audience. Choose from our catalogue of stage templates or opt for a custom-designed stage to complement your event perfectly. Our drapes, available in various colors and starlight effects, add an extra layer of grandeur, turning your event into a dazzling spectacle.

Let’s Collaborate on your Audio Visual Hire in Melbourne

Ready to transform your event with Melbourne Audio Visual Hire? Reach out now for a quote and let’s turn your vision into reality. Event Equipment – where innovation meets seamless execution for extraordinary events.